Legal Policy

Information Provided Under Japan's Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Sales Price

The selling price will be the displayed amount (displayed price / excludes consumption tax).
In addition, there may be a separate delivery fee. Please check the product details page for shipping charges.

Timing and Method of Payment of Price

Payment method Credit card or paypal payment is available.
Payment time Payment is confirmed at the time of product order.

Returns Policy

Except for the authenticity of the product, we do not accept any returns.

Delivery Period for Services or Goods

Ships within 24 hours of receiving a delivery request.


If there are customs duties, please contact the customs of your country. This shop is not responsible for any customs duties.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by email or IG or wechat

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Name and Contact Information of Company

Name:BRANDGETCo., Ltd.

Address:鶴見区鶴見中央4-29-17第10下川biru507号室, 神奈川県 ,2300051