Privacy Policy

Customer using this site or purchasing merchandise from it are requested to read thoroughly the privacy policy below and to indicate their consent to it. Merchandise may not be purchased without such consent.
1. Customer Information
Customer information is information concerning a single living individual. It includes information whereby that individual can be identified, such as name, date of birth, residence, telephone number, and other data making possible identification of the specific individual. It includes data that, by comparison with other information, makes possible identification of the specific individual.
2. Purposes of Use of Customer Information
Our organization may make use of customer information for the following purposes. (1) For the sake of implementing our responsibilities in cases of sales transactions. (2) For the sake of carrying out after-service in the case of sales transactions. (3) To provide customers with information on special services and new merchandise. (4) For the delivery of such things as notifications and e-mail magazines and direct mail. In no cases, except the one set forth in 3 below or when customer consent has been obtained previously, will we make use of this information.
3. Entrusting Customer Information to Third-parties
Our organization may consign customer information whole or in part within limits required for the achievement of usage purposes.
4. Provision of Customer Information to Third-parties
Our organization will not entrust customer information to third parties without previously obtaining customer consent.
5. Use of Cookies
We probably send a text file called "cookies” to your browser by a website you visit. Specifically, we use them, for example, there is an advantage that you can display the contents of the field that you might be interested in. You can refuse to receive "cookies" by setting the browser to issue a warning before receiving "cookies", but disabling them may restrict your use of the website affect the way in which it operates.
6. For further details on customer information
Please refer to "Company Name and Contact Address" in the section on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act. We also provide no-delay e-mail contact upon request to the "Enquiries Form" on store homepages.


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