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Rank A | LV Monogram Handbag | 082503

Rank A | LV Monogram Handbag | 082503

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● Brand: Louis Vuitton


● Condition:  Rank A (Very good,Lightly used item. Well maintained but with some signs of use.)


● 狀態:數回使用。 包身硬挺無變形,手柄型正無歪斜。 無開裂、無干紋。 底部無磨損。 包身側面油邊有通病開裂。 正面翻蓋五金無褪色、氧化。 翻蓋內側一端稍許開裂。 內裡無使用感,無瑕疵。 小口袋通病粘皮。


● Measurements: (About) W26 × H22 × D6.7 cm


● Accessories:  Dustbag


● Shipping:Free


● About Authenticity: All products are certified by third-party agencies.If you receive fake goods, we are willing to pay 10 times the price as compensation.

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